Unleashing The Leader Inside You

Leadership is not a position, it’s a decision. Every day you must decide to embrace your inner leader, making the choice to lead in a
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Had a bad day, but a great epiphany

Life is one huge emotional mind game. There are days we wake up with an empty heart wondering if we’re even going to make it.
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DCOM Community

Find out what is going on in the DCOM Community

What To Do If Ice Knocks At Your Door

If officers are at your door, keep the door closed and ask if they are Immigration’s agents, or from ICE. Ask the agents what they
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NC Anti Immigration Bill

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Senate today passed a sweeping anti-immigrant bill, SB145, that would direct state police to enforce federal immigration law, seek to
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Together, We Will Stand

Donation For A Cause

How do we receive funds

The LORD is graciously supplying the needs of DCOM through the generous donations from individuals, churches, organizations, grants and the proceeds from our Thrift Store.
  • DCOM is volunteer organization. Donations are directly applied to those that are in need.


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